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Anything goes nowadays as long as you’re happy. So why do we still care about trends? The thing about trends – whether in fashion, food or home design – is that they’re always new and exciting and they spur us into trying new things.

So, to celebrate the start of a brand-new year, we have compiled a collection of our favourite trend predictions for 2020, from around the world.

Our favourite part – paint colours

The deep-rich-warm movement continues. Dig a little deeper and a few heroes emerge:

Navy. According to Good Housekeeping every design expert they have spoken to had navy blue on their hot list. It brings sophistication to a room and works well with a variety of looks. It’s a great alternative to black but not too harsh. If you’re brave enough you can even opt for a slightly deeper peacock blue, charcoal or off-black.

Mulberry leaf green. Well, this is what Plascon calls its favourite hue of 2020. Good Housekeeping refers to a hunter green. It hints towards emerald but slightly more subdued. Vibrant. Life-giving. And it can be used in combination with mushroom and gold or cool grey and blush.

Clay. Some sites refer to the rich, earthy reddish brown colour as clay. Others reference terra cotta. Either way it’s a colour that instantly brings warmth to a room. Still on the reddish side of the colour spectrum: burnt orange is another trendy colour but it should be used sparingly, to paint a door for instance.

Blush. It’s been said that millennial pink is a thing of the past. However, the hue is so popular and versatile that it will continue to be seen in the coming year. Breathe life into it by combining it with richer jewel colours (think aquamarine vases with red roses or sweet peas, for instance).

If you’re struggling to picture different colours together, visit Coolors to pick a colour from an existing image and then generate different colour palettes around it.

Beyond colour

Moving away from colour, there are some other trends to note.

Old and new. Feel free to mix and match new quality pieces of furniture with timeless or repurposed pieces from Mum’s house or the second-hand store. Whatever speaks to you in the shops – or whatever you receive for your birthday or collect on your travels – eventually helps you express who YOU are.

House plants. Yes, real house plants are back in abundance. In fact, biophilic designs are a big thing – designing buildings with living walls and incorporated gardens. So, feel free to go all out.

Classic interiors. Soft sofas and high curtains, cushions, throws and fresh flowers. Add softness to your heart’s content…because life is harsh, and you need a welcoming space to come home to.

One last tip

The best news of the year is that perfection is out. Mix and match, layer, scatter, throw and just be you!

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